About Us

InfoAid is a consulting firm for the humanitarian community. InfoAid offers its expertise to NGOs, foundations, universities, public institutions and private companies in the fields of development cooperation, humanitarian aid and education for sustainable development. InfoAid adopts a broad range of tools (project cycle management, result based management, project management plans etc.) to ensure effective use of resources.

Our staff members have multi-disciplinary skills, an in-depth understanding of the humanitarian sector based on decades of work at the field and Headquarters levels (Afghanistan, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Tajikistan and Venezuela).

InfoAid combines the technical expertise, breadth of experience, cultural sensitivity and dedication needed to work in a complex environment which is characterized increasingly as composite system, which requires knowledge, sensitivity, and flexible and multiple skills.


Making aid more effective. InfoAid strives to link with civil society, public sector and business, and overcome their apparent contradiction in a synthesis that combines productivity, valorisation and support to the most vulnerable.

Our mission is to develop innovative strategies for effective and accountable management of international cooperation activities, using rigorous tools, both quantitative and qualitative, throughout the project cycle.