Backstopping and technical advice

InfoAid offers an holistic approach to development cooperation: policy and strategy development, research, project design, needs assessment, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Backstopping refers to advisory services, supervision, support and a guarantee of continuity in the knowledge level with regard to a project or programme. Our experts can provide you with inputs, compensate for weaknesses and emphasize strengths, without overly interfering in the course of a program, thus help to ensure that a project does not diverge from its central theme.
Our technical advice is related to find grant opportunities for international cooperation initiatives, participation to specific calls for proposals and financial reporting to donors.

Furthermore, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the international cooperation sector, we can organize high quality trainings, in Italian and/or in English, according to your particular needs.
We offer courses that aim at develop and improve project management skills, problem solving skills, with a particular focus on acquiring those skills necessary for coordination and supervision of activities, as well as the coordination of different resources, networking, design and implementation of innovative solutions.
Our training portfolio includes: project management, monitoring and evaluation, financial reporting, pre-deployment training, communication, and security in high-risk context.